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Explore Premium Whole-Home Audio Solutions in Naples, FL

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Experience clear sound with our first-rate audio equipment

Many home audio systems can cater to the needs of various clients, from music admirers to ardent audiophiles and tech buffs. However, with Liaison Technology Group, you’re in for a more customized experience from our diligent team of professional home audio installers in Naples. Our top-of-the-line solutions include products you can smoothly integrate into your home decor. We have everything from sophisticated hidden speakers, architectural speakers, and unparalleled outdoor audio solutions for your patio and backyard to practical portable soundbars and units compatible with flat-panel TVs.

Boost your home with in-ceiling & in-wall system

As Naples’ leaders in home audio solutions, we provide a broad array of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers developed to cater to both design and performance requirements. They allow for a smooth look in any environment, no matter what size, shape, or level of performance you desire. They not only blend into your space but also provide next-level sound quality. Also, our home audio specialists offer various fantastic options for you to select from, such as small apertures and invisible speakers that fit perfectly with your lighting.

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Listen to premium-quality sound from your TV

With outstanding acoustic architecture, our soundbars can cover even the most spacious rooms and deliver a smooth home audio solution for your home in Naples, FL. Pair with your soundbars through built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and enjoy the unmistakable sound of your favorite playlists. With various mounting options available, we can install them on the wall below or above your TV, attach them under the TV,  or secure them onto the TV mounting bracket for optimal results. In addition, this allows syncing the TV with the speaker for better output.

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What makes us different from other home audio installers in Naples

Remote repair
Remote repair service allows you to repair and maintain your home audio system without contacting us.
24/7 support
Our customer support is available 24/7 for any questions to ensure your utmost convenience.
App control
With wireless connectivity and the mobile app, you can easily handle your audio equipment in case of an issue.
Top service
Opt for an advanced service plan and enjoy prioritized scheduling and customized rates for our services.
Level up your experience with hidden & wireless audio solutions

When you need an efficient way to shift your music throughout your home, easy installation, user-friendly operation, elegant design, and keeping premium sound quality are your priorities. If high-quality audio, seamless installation, intuitive operation, and sleek design matter to you, we have exactly what you need. Our portable speakers stream music from your smartphone or other devices using your home’s network. Also, our audio installers in Naples know how to make almost any surface a soundboard. They’ll install the speakers into ceilings and walls and cover them up so you can enjoy your favorite beats and keep your home’s aesthetics.


We proudly deliver the best home audio solutions across Naples and Florida. With years of industry experience, we’ve garnered numerous awards, including the 2019 Global Home Technology Award for Best Shading Application and the Snap One 2022 Outstanding Partner Award. We also work with acclaimed brands, such as Lutron, Savant, Hunter Douglas, Control4, J. Geiger, and Crestron.

We demonstrate our unwavering commitment to your utmost satisfaction through 24/7 service, remote support, and a one-year Platinum Level Service Agreement for all new clients. Additionally, we deliver state-of-the-art technology solutions to veterans and first responders through our Tunnel to Towers Foundation partnership. In 2023, we began working with The Freedom 13 Organization, which strives to create The Freedom 13 Veterans Recreational Retreat Villages nationwide for veterans, first responders, and their families, providing a comfortable space for their retreat.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a whole-house audio system?

    A whole-home audio solution is a centralized audio setup that allows for audio distribution throughout your entire home in Naples.

    It typically involves speakers strategically placed in various rooms, connected to a central control unit or network, enabling synchronized audio playback in multiple locations, providing a seamless listening experience throughout the entire space.

    What should I look for in home audio?

    When choosing a home audio system for your residence, you should consider factors such as audio quality, scalability, compatibility with your devices and streaming services, ease of installation and operation, and the ability to integrate with other smart home technologies.

    Also, assess the number and types of audio sources it supports, the connectivity options available, and the flexibility to expand or upgrade the system. Finally, hire the leading home audio specialists in Naples to perform the installation.

    What are the benefits of whole-home audio?

    There are many benefits, including enhanced convenience and flexibility.

    With a centralized whole-home audio system, you can easily control and customize audio playback from a single interface in different rooms. It allows for seamless music streaming, podcast listening, or even synchronized audio for parties or events, creating an immersive and enjoyable audio experience throughout your home.

    How do I set up a wireless home audio system?

    To properly set up a wireless audio system in Naples, follow these steps:

    • Choose a system that suits your needs.
    • Position the main control unit in a central location.
    • Connect speakers to power outlets and ensure they’re within range of the control unit.
    • Use the manufacturer’s instructions to connect the control unit to your home network.
    • Install the necessary software or apps for controlling the system.
    • Follow the provided instructions to sync and configure the speakers.
    • Test the system by playing audio from your desired source through the wireless speakers.

    Professional home audio installers have expertise handling complex installations, ensuring optimal speaker placement and audio performance. In addition, they can assess your home’s acoustics, recommend suitable equipment, and integrate the system with other smart home devices. They also offer troubleshooting support and can save you time and effort by efficiently handling the entire setup process.

    Who are the leading home audio installers in Naples, FL & beyond?

    Liaison Technology Group provides premium-quality audio solutions to homeowners across Florida and nationwide. Our team of dedicated specialists always goes the extra mile to deliver the performance you deserve. We’ll take your experience to the next level whether you live around the Naples Botanical Garden or close to the Palm Cottage.

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