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Transform Your Home in Chicago, IL Into a Smart Heaven With Our Automation Systems

Sophisticated home automation services for unparalleled comfort & convenience

Liaison Technology Group is the foremost authority on advanced residential automation systems in Chicago, IL and the surrounding communities. Our team of seasoned professionals bring years of experience and expertise to every project, whether it be the design, integration, installation, or maintenance of lighting and temperature control solutions, surveillance networks, or audio and video entertainment systems. With our comprehensive services, you can future proof your property and enjoy the benefits of enhanced safety, comfort, and functionality for years to come.

Elevate the interior of your home by giving your windows smart treatment

Bring your windows to a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness with top-of-the-line solutions designed to enhance the functionality and style of your home. With our motorized blinds, smart curtains, and other ingenious features, you can create an absolutely perfect atmosphere and privacy setting for any room, and you can do all of it with only a push of a button. You can rest assured that our team of experts will customize every aspect of your automated system in-depth to bring it in line with your exacting standards and unique needs.

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Enjoy a higher level of convenience with our motorized shade installation services

Our energy-efficient smart shades are designed to take your home automation to the next level, without taking away from their aesthetic appeal. Our certified technicians use the latest technology and methodologies to seamlessly integrate new devices into your existing smart infrastructure, ensuring smooth operation that you can thoroughly rely upon. By acquiring all the means to fine-tune the amount of light that enters your home, you can protect your furniture from UV rays and significantly reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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What sets us apart from other home automation companies in Chicago, IL

Remote maintenance
Remote accessibility feature allows us to maintain every aspect of your smart infrastructure without delay or waiting for a service call.
Around-the-clock support
In an unlikely case of an issue with your smart home systems, you can count on our technicians to fix it promptly, no matter the time of day.
App control
Mobile app control gives you the ability to control your surveillance cameras & other automated elements anytime, anywhere.
Preferred service
Enjoy peace of mind and swift response that come with priority scheduling and preferred service rates you get when you choose us.
Raise your safety levels with our video surveillance solutions

When it comes to the security of your home and all of its residents, there’s no room for mistakes, which is why we’re committed to providing grade-A surveillance solutions to ensure your protection. Our cutting-edge smart security cameras feature real-time streaming and monitoring options, for reliable round-the-clock surveillance. With the ability to access the footage and livestream from any place and get instant notifications whenever something triggers the sensors, you can rest easy knowing that your property is safe and sound 24/7.


As renowned providers of home automation technologies in Chicago and across Chicagoland, we stand behind our work and guarantee maximum customer satisfaction with 24/7 coverage and remote repair options. Our dedication to excellence has earned us multiple prestigious awards like the 2019 Global Home Technology Award for Best Shading Application and the Snap One 2022 Outstanding Partner Award. We’ve also partnered with some of the most respected and inventive brands in the industry, including J. Geiger, Hunter Douglas, Lutron, Savant, Control4, and Crestron. Additionally, we provide remote repair service with 24/7 coverage, along with a complimentary one-year Platinum Level Service Agreement for every new customer. Finally, our partnership with Tunnel to Towers Foundation enables us to bring the newest smart home automation gadgets to the homes of impacted veterans and first responders, thus making their lives easier and we’re fully intent on supporting the creation of Veterans Recreational Retreat Villages across the country through The Freedom 13 organization.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most popular window treatment today?

    Motorized shades are the most popular upgrade option today, bar none.

    They improve the convenience and functionality of your home and feature a sleek, modern design along with vast customization options, making them easy to fit into your interior aesthetics.

    Are motorized shades worth the cost?

    Most definitely! This home automation technology can make your home in Chicago, IL more comfortable and energy efficient.

    With convenient remote or even voice command controls, they become incredibly versatile and easy to use. Plus, if you opt for energy-efficient options, you can save a lot of money on utility bills, especially in the long run.

    What is meant by home automation?

    Home automation is an ingenious new technology that allows you to control various devices in your home with only a few clicks/taps or by using voice commands.

    With the installation of smart technology, you’ll get the option to remotely control things like lighting, thermostat, shades, security cameras and sensors, and even your audio/video entertainment system.

    How does home video surveillance work?

    Typically, a surveillance system entails the installation of cameras in strategic locations in and around your Chicago property.

    After that, your network will stream live footage directly to your smart device or home PC. Do note that there are cameras with advanced options available today (e.g. motion detection, facial recognition, automatic alerts, etc.), so it is an excellent idea to talk to your home automation service provider so you can get the most safety and convenience out of your investment.

    Which company in Chicago, IL & near me provides the best home automation solutions?

    For years, Liaison Technology Group was and still remains the leader in home automation and smart technology solutions in the Chicago area and beyond. Our team of certified and experienced technicians delivers exceptional smart design, integration, and installation services throughout the region, so you can count on us for:

    From super-convenient window treatments and smart lightning to the latest-and-greatest surveillance options available today, we’ve got everything you need to make your property more comfortable, functional, energy efficient, and safe. Whether you live near the DuSable Museum or closer to the Copernicus Center, you can rely on our trusted service providers to make your life better.



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