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Liaison Holographics


Liaison’s holographic team advocates technologies that humanize digital experiences and provide a 3D enriched visualization which is far more superior to today’s high-definition webcams. Change is nature’s delight, and as the world around us keeps changing, the need to adapt and scale is ever more crucial. Recreate the relationship between people and audiences in person and in real-time where movements, facial expressions, and body linguistics play their vital role in human interaction.


Experts find that words account for 7% of communication, and tonality adds 38%. What about the remaining 55%? When we experience communication using acute awareness and all sensory faculties, we capture more than 90% of the message intended. Imagine being a high-profile executive, doctor, professor, event manager, or professional speaker. What parts of your message miss the mark and get misconstrued by current communication technologies? Businesses are now more competitive than they’ve ever been before globally. Don’t allow today’s gaps in vital communications cripple your message.

Liaison’s future-forward model and vision have redefined digital interactions using Holographic Telepresence Technology. Our deep domain knowledge intersects at the convergence of engineering and design, humanly and most helpfully possible. The technology promotes creating a powerful and authentic connection with your audience in the most engaging form. Posture your organization on the leading edge, providing easier access to content & messaging, and avoiding scheduling conflicts altogether. Why not eliminate the need for time consuming travel while you’re at it? Our solution allows for simultaneous presentations across multiple locations and the life like presence will not be forgotten! Experience the power of HoloPresence with Liaison’s new Holographic Telepresence Technology today.


  • Enable future-forward content delivery worldwide.
  • Avoid most scheduling conflicts.
  • Eliminate the need for travel saving time and money.
  • Present to multiple locations anywhere in the world simultaneously.
  • Life-like three dimensional fully immersive video and audio display.


  • Executive Presentations (large corporations, product development, global companies, insurance, multi-level marketing, visionary)
  • Event Management (concerts, celebrities, award banquets, fund raising events, special engagements)
  • Premium content management (paid content)
  • Professional speakers (life coaching / motivational speakers / business coaching)
  • Government, Politics, and Military
  • Medical, high profile doctors, healthcare
  • Private use
  • Education (higher-ed, Ivy League schools)
  • Private news coverage, media


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