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Healthy Homes

Today’s modern families are spending more time in the home. It is essential to address overall health and wellness within the environment. Liaison connects you to all things home, including human-centric lighting, climate control, wellness scenes, air and water purification, and natural soundscapes. Let us help you discover and educate you on these technologies that contribute to wellness and make your healthy home more enjoyable for you and your loved ones.


Creating the healthiest living environment for our clients is our utmost priority. Since we spend most of our time indoors, indoor air quality plays a significant role in our health. Did you know that ultrafine particles in the air cause lethargy, allergies, cardiovascular disease, reduced blood flow and even cancer? Air purification systems capture 99.99 percent of particles in the air and on surfaces to eliminate allergens, dust mites, mold and mildew. You’re left with a hypoallergenic, odor-free environment that enhances your wellbeing and sleep. Air purification devices use dilution to circulate fresh air and lock-tight filtration to ensure all air coming in and out goes through their system. Pair these with intelligent climate control to manage humidity, which directly affects your health and respiratory function.


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When we are over-exposed to certain types of light—like the blue hues from our smartphones—it negatively affects our melatonin levels. By simulating natural lighting in your home, you can regulate your circadian rhythm and improve your overall wellbeing. Employ a tunable lighting system that automatically adjusts the color temperature to mimic sunlight throughout the day. Enjoy cooler lighting in the morning to stimulate activity, then bask in warmer tones in the evening to encourage relaxation. As you integrate human-centric lighting into your smart home, it’s easy to pull up the ideal hue for any activity. Have custom scenes for relaxation, concentration or exercise saved into your system to easily pull them up from on-wall keypads, touchpads or mobile apps.

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Are you worried about contaminants making it through traditional filtration processes? Unfiltered water not only poses serious health risks, but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth as well. NSF-certified water purification systems put pristine drinking water at your fingertips. Eliminate EPA contaminates, lead, sodium, arsenic, bacteria, viruses and microbes. By improving the quality of your drinking and bathing water, you can better hydrate, heal and remove toxins from your system. No more having to lug around bottled water that clutters up your home. Add filters directly to your kitchen sink, bath and shower for water purity in every corner of your home. These purification devices are designed for the ultimate water production efficiency to produce little waste.

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Optimize your wellbeing with custom smart home scenes that elicit specific moods or correspond to different spaces in your home. When you want to relax after a long day at work, activate a scene in your living room with warm tunable lighting and relaxing soundscapes playing through your whole-home audio system. In the morning, your wellness scene mimics a sunrise using your tunable lighting and virtual window, adjusts your indoor temperature and plays nature sounds through your home speakers. Showcase spa-inspired scenes for relaxation using light, sound, water and temperature. Scenes can be designed to soothe your muscles, energize you in the morning or help you unwind in the evening.

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Employing authentic outdoor temperature changes in your home links directly to the idea of circadian climate, with certain temperatures evoking specific moods. Rethink the standard approach of turning down the thermostat to stay alert. Ambient temperature follows a pattern in most places: heating up in the morning and cooling down in the evening. As the temperatures drop, your body reacts to an internal signal to wind down. Regulate your internal clock with climate control that automatically adjusts throughout the day to keep your body optimized. Add humidity control to keep your home between 30-60 percent humidity for optimal air quality and respiratory function. If humidity rises, it exacerbates allergens and mold while dry air negatively affects your breathing.

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Acoustic environments also affect your wellbeing. As humans, we’re wired to hear nature soundscapes and use them to relax and unwind. Calming nature sounds alter the connections in our brains and reduce typical fight-or-flight responses. Even your concentration improves when incorporating certain sounds into your home spaces. Imagine the last time you listened to the sound of waves, the gentle flow of a creek or the rustling of leaves. How can you best integrate natural sounds in your home? Optimize your soundscapes by playing them through your whole-home audio system. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or if you need a little help falling asleep, pull up a soothing soundscape through your mobile app, touchpad or keypad.

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