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Bringing You Next-Level Whole Home Audio Solutions in Decatur, IL

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You deserve the finest whole-home speaker system

Wouldn’t it be nice to experience a top-of-the-line home audio system throughout your entire Decatur residence? There are, however, some rooms that need the right equipment or technology to produce optimal sound. That’s where Liaison Technology Group comes in. Whether you enjoy blasting rock music, hosting movie nights, or cherishing quiet evenings with soft background music, you can count on our home audio installers and specialists to provide the necessary equipment to cater to your desires and let you experience audio at its finest.

High-performance in-wall & in-ceiling speakers

If you’re looking for customized surround sound, we have a wide selection of built-in speakers for your home audio system that offer high-quality sound with minimal visible obstructions. Their wide and even sound distribution makes listening more immersive and enjoyable. The best part is they can be painted to match your Decatur home decor, and you can choose between invisible speakers or small apertures. Let our home audio specialists know what you’re after, and they’ll develop an attractive, non-intrusive solution.

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Take TV entertainment to new heights with our home audio equipment

Soundbars are a good starting point for those who want a genuinely immersive surround-sound experience from their audio solution in Decatur. In addition to a sleek design, they feature powerful audio capabilities that offer a superior alternative to built-in TV speakers’ often lackluster sound quality. Installing them is simple; they can be mounted on a cabinet, hung on the wall, or even attached to the TV bracket for better sound quality. If you are unsure how to do it, you can rely on our home audio installers to make the process seamless.

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What makes us the leading home audio installers in Decatur

Remote repair
You can count on our remote support experts to offer dependable repair services, allowing you to maintain your home audio system wherever you are.
24/7 support
Our customers now have access to customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, we can tackle any issues as quickly as possible.
App control
With the handy mobile app, navigating your audio solutions in Decatur becomes straightforward, no matter your challenges.
A+ service
Take advantage of our premium service package, and enjoy all the benefits, such as priority appointment scheduling and price customization.
Make the most of wireless & hidden audio solutions

In the era of minimalism and smart homes, Liaison audio solutions are designed to blend seamlessly with your décor while delivering outstanding performance. Architectural speakers are an option to add to the design and decor of your home while providing exquisite performance. With us, you can enjoy an uncluttered, cable-free environment without compromising sound quality. As part of our services, we also offer sophisticated outdoor home audio systems in Decatur, giving you the convenience of a consistent audio experience while sunbathing or dining alfresco.


As an experienced company, we are committed to providing the best home audio solutions in Decatur that meet your requirements. We have won several prestigious accolades, including the Global Home Technology Award in 2019 and the Snap One 2022 Outstanding Partner Award. These are testaments to our skills and commitment to excellence. We also enjoy collaborating with respected brands, including Savant, Lutron, Hunter Douglas, Crestron, Control4, and J. Geiger.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we offer round-the-clock service and remote assistance. In their first year, customers receive a complimentary Platinum Level Service Agreement. Additionally, we provide high-tech solutions to first responders and veterans supported by the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. In 2023, we began working with The Freedom 13 Organization, which aims to establish Freedom 13 Veterans Recreational Retreat Villages nationwide. Veterans, first responders, and their families will have access to these retreat spaces, giving them an opportunity for rest and recreation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you provide solutions for every room in my house?

    Absolutely. Liaison Technology Group specializes in providing whole-home audio solutions.

    This means we can design and install audio systems that deliver superior sound quality in every room in your Decatur home, including bathrooms, patios, and outdoor areas. Just give us a call and let us know what you need!

    Can I control my home audio system remotely?

    We have the best home audio systems, allowing you to control them from your smartphone or tablet.

    They can be integrated with smart home technologies, allowing you to adjust volume, change audio sources, or even create audio zones directly from your device, no matter where you are.

    How do you determine the best home audio solutions for my specific needs?

    We start by understanding your specific needs and preferences during our initial consultation. Then, we assess your home’s acoustics, consider your lifestyle, and review your budget.

    Next, we design a customized audio solution that fulfills your unique requirements and enhances your home’s audio environment. Finally, we discuss all aspects of the proposed solution, answering any questions you may have and making modifications if necessary. When you are satisfied, our professional home audio installers in Decatur will take care of everything with precision and care.

    Do you offer outdoor audio solutions as well?

    Yes, we have a range of outdoor audio solutions to offer.

    Our team will design and install weather-resistant speakers and audio equipment for outdoor areas such as patios, decks, or pools. Whatever the occasion, we know how to add a touch of class to any party.

    Who provides quality audio equipment near me in Decatur and the region?

    As an expert in smart home technology, our company provides leading-edge audio equipment and expert installation in Decatur and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with our team in case you need:

    Whether you live near the Children’s Museum of Illinois or Scovill Zoo, we’ll find a solution that works for you. So give us a call today!



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