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Lighting Design


For many years, technology in the lighting space was quite limited. Most homes have gone without a formal lighting design, leaving the default lighting layout in the home what we call “Four cans and a fan” — which quite literally refers to each room being illuminated by four recessed light fixtures and a ceiling fan, and perhaps some lamps for good measure. But our in-house “certified” lighting design experts know you deserve better. With the dramatic shift in new lighting technology and a formal lighting design, you will be able to harness the power of light in your home like never before.

Let our lighting experts take care of devising the perfect illumination system to fit your lifestyle. With a simple tap of a finger, you can operate your entire home’s lighting while saving yourself from walking laps around the house. Liaison only works with the most advanced and sustainable LED technologies. Whether you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint at home or the office, or you are modernizing with eco-friendly lighting, it’s a snap when you work with Liaison.

Today’s modern lighting controls aren’t restricted to just turning your lights on and off. The color and intensity of your lighting can be adjusted to improve your overall experience, ambiance, and wellness. Designing and deploying such systems takes an experienced provider. Our skilled lighting designers can turn your kitchen lighting brilliant as day, cool it down to promote alertness as you cook, and turn your dining area warm and dim to promote relaxation around dinnertime. A professionally designed system can match the atmosphere and your frame of mind. Empower a better way of life through technological advancements!


  • Promote Wellbeing
  • Support Your Circadian Rhythm
  • Enhance and Highlight Art & Décor
  • Custom Lighting Scenes for Cooking or Entertaining
  • Invoke Desired Emotions
  • Stimulate Alertness & Boost Energy
  • Improve Relaxation


  • Lighting Plan
  • Fixture Selection
  • Low-voltage Wiring Infrastructure
  • LED Dimming & Control
  • Centralized Surge Protection
  • Circadian Programming
  • Lighting Automation
  • Design Documentation


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