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Explore Professional Whole-Home Audio Solutions in Denver, CO

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Create the perfect sound system with our audio equipment

There are plenty of home audio systems out there, catering to a diverse audience from laid-back music lovers to passionate audiophiles and tech-savvy home automation aficionados. However, if you’re looking for more customization, Liaison Technology Group has a team of the most qualified home audio installers in Denver and a range of products you can seamlessly integrate throughout your home. We offer everything from game-changing hidden speakers, architectural speakers, and sophisticated outdoor audio solutions for your backyard, to simple portable units and soundbars that work with flat-panel TVs.

Elevate your home with in-wall & in-ceiling audio

As a leading authority in home audio solutions in Denver, we offer an extensive selection of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers designed to fulfill performance and design requirements. With them, you can have a consistent look in any space, no matter what shape, size, or performance level you want. Not only do they blend into the room, but they also set the bar high for audiophile sound quality. In addition, you can choose from various attractive options, such as invisible speakers and small apertures that match your existing lighting.

Get superior sound from your TV

Featuring impressive acoustic architecture, soundbars are powerful enough to fill even the largest rooms and present a sleek home audio solution for your space in Denver, CO. Connect to your soundbars and stream your favorite playlists through built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Various mounting options are also available; we’ll mount them under your TV, fix them to the wall above or below your TV, or, for optimal sound, attach them to the TV mounting bracket. Doing this lets us sync the speaker up with the TV for better output.

What sets us apart from other home audio specialists in Denver?

Remote repair
We offer remote repair services, allowing you to maintain and repair your home audio system without contacting us.
24/7 support
You can reach our customer support team anytime, ensuring a fast response to any questions.
App control
Thanks to the mobile app and wireless connectivity, you can easily control your audio equipment if something goes wrong.
Top service
Choose an advanced service plan, and experience prioritized scheduling and tailored rates for our services.
Maximize your experience with wireless & hidden audio solutions

Are you looking for a way to move your music quickly and efficiently throughout the house? If high audio quality, seamless installation, intuitive operation, and sleek design matter to you, we’ve got you covered. These portable speakers usually use your home’s network to stream music from your phone or other device. Best of all, our audio installers in Denver know how to transform almost any surface into a soundboard. They will install your speakers into walls and ceilings before covering them up. This way, you can enjoy your favorite music with no visual footprint throughout your home.


We proudly provide some of the best home audio solutions throughout Denver. Thanks to years of experience in the industry, we’ve been awarded the 2019 Global Home Technology Award for Best Shading Application and the Snap One 2022 Outstanding Partner Award. Our collaborations include well-known brands, such as Savant, Lutron, Hunter Douglas, Crestron, Control4, and J. Geiger. Our commitment to complete client satisfaction is demonstrated through remote support and 24/7 service, along with a complimentary one-year Platinum Level Service Agreement. In addition, we provide advanced technology solutions to first responders and veterans as part of our partnership with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. In 2023, we also started working with The Freedom 13 Organization, which aims to create The Freedom 13 Veterans Recreational Retreat Villages nationwide for veterans, first responders, and their families, offering a retreat space for vacationing in each state.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do whole-home audio systems work?

    How do whole-home audio systems work?
    Whole-home audio systems are integrated sound solutions designed to provide seamless and high-quality audio throughout your entire home in Denver.


    Speakers can be wired or wireless, depending on the system design. Whole-home audio systems allow you to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, or other audio content in any room, creating a consistent and immersive audio experience across your living spaces.

    How many in-ceiling speakers do you need per room?

    The number of in-ceiling speakers you need per room depends on the room’s size and your desired audio coverage.


    Two in-ceiling speakers are sufficient for most standard-sized rooms to create balanced home audio solutions in your Denver residence. However, you may need four or more speakers for larger rooms or spaces with high ceilings to achieve the best audio experience.

    How do you use a portable Bluetooth speaker?

    While traditional speakers require a cable to connect to audio devices such as stereos and iPods, wireless speakers eliminate this limitation through Bluetooth technology.


    Activate Bluetooth on your audio device, pair it with the wireless speaker, and you’re ready to go. Feel free to contact us for more info on innovative home audio solutions!

    Can you use a soundbar to play music?

    Absolutely. Soundbars are versatile home audio systems that enhance your TV’s audio and serve as standalone speakers for playing music.


    Plus, music played through your TV almost always sounds better when you have a soundbar connected. Remember that most modern soundbars feature Wi-Fi connectivity and support streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora. This means you can stream music directly from your preferred streaming platform or use your mobile device as a remote control.

    Who provides the best home audio solutions near me in Denver, CO?

    With years of experience serving Denver and the nearby area, Liaison Technology Group offers the most advanced audio equipment and installation services that are second to none. Count on us if you’re looking for:

    Whether you live near the Aspen Art Museum or Denver Botanic Gardens, we’ll treat your home with the respect it deserves. So give us a call today!



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