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Smart Technologies & Sophisticated Designs

Smart Technologies & Sophisticated Designs

Technology That Works for Your Business

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Commercial technology that elevates your business

Technology can transform your company into a more appealing workspace and enhance consumer interaction. Audio and visual systems, along with personalized digital signage, are suitable for a variety of settings, including offices, retail spaces, and religious centers. Whether you’re in an educational institution or a conference room, make use of our interactive whiteboards, large-scale displays, video conferencing, and robust corporate-level networks. Consolidate all your technologies with our user-friendly automation solutions. We’re here to aid you in developing a conducive work environment for your staff and an engaging atmosphere for your clients.

At Liaison, we offer tailored tech solutions suitable for diverse businesses, including conference rooms, bars & restaurants, retail stores, multi-dwelling units/apartments, religious centers, and specialized education classrooms. Our track record is built on comprehensive planning, professional engineering & design, coupled with superior customer service and assistance.

Advanced solutions for enhanced productivity

Conference rooms, being the hub for important meetings, require appropriate technology for smooth operation. Our solutions enable you to project video content from any laptop or portable device onto large-scale displays or projector screens while concurrently sharing these visuals with other participants across the globe. An expertly set up audio-conferencing solution ensures clear communication, regardless of the seating arrangement. Our intuitive touchscreen interface manages the entire process, simplifying every meeting.

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Our systems create fans for your establishment

Creating an ideal atmosphere is essential for a next-level dining experience. Our technology can help you achieve this. A light control system can manage your lighting based on your operational hours, adjusting the intensity based on the time of day and natural light from outside. Our audio solutions let you create the right mood in your space, providing pleasant background music that compliments rather than overwhelms conversation. Flat-screens turn your space into the ultimate viewing spot or can display your signature drinks, featured wines, and special dishes for the evening.

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Maximize your customer experience with next-gen technology

Enhance customer interaction with digital signage, improve your ambiance with audio and video solutions, and encourage longer stays with a high-speed public network. At the press of a button, your lights switch on, the music is set to your chosen station and volume, your televisions display the right content, and your shop is ready to open.

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Technology that brings people together in prayer & joy

Improving your place of worship calls for skillful technical design and assistance, whether it be to amplify sounds or to project videos onto superior displays. Appropriate audio/video and lighting systems ensure that people at the back have the same experience as those at the front. For at-home worshippers watching live or recorded services, a high-quality broadcast will enhance their experience, making it easier to follow along. By improving the tech systems in your place of worship, the entire experience, from the sense of community to clarity of service, is elevated.

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Choose cutting-edge technology to boost student engagement

Educational demands are ever-changing. By catering to various types of learners and automating tedious presentation preparations, you save classroom time for actual learning. Teachers can focus more on instructing and collaborating when they have the most straightforward control systems and unified interfaces. We create and install easy-to-maintain custom solutions that increase connection speeds, broaden accessibility, and holistically enhance the educational experience.

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Our luxury solutions for your lavish space

At Liaison Technology Group, our team offers top-tier, scalable technology solutions across your different properties. Our systems are designed to satisfy the most discerning residents. Whether you wish to integrate cutting-edge security and access control, property-wide Wi-Fi, or unique communal areas, we are committed to realizing your vision. Liaison brings your vision to life while working directly with your residents to personalize their space.

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Our approach ensures a wide range of benefits

Remote Repair
Use our remote access to repair and maintain all your smart home devices without any need for service calls.
24/7 Coverage
We’re here 24 hours a day whenever you need to get in touch with us, ensuring constant availability for your convenience.
App Control
Make good use of our mobile app for controlling your smart home automation technologies for full ease of use.
Preferred service
Sign a priority plan with our company and receive discounted service rates coupled with priority scheduling.


We’re proud of our accolades, such as the 2019 Global Home Technology Award and the Snap One 2022 Distinguished Partner Award. We work with top-tier brands like Savant, Lutron, Control4, Crestron, J. Geiger, and Hunter Douglas. We offer round-the-clock support and remote repair services, including a free one-year Platinum Level Service Agreement for all new customers. We also give back by aiding first responders and veterans through working with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation to provide our cutting-edge technology solutions to facilitate their daily lives. We’re also excited to be supporting The Freedom 13 Organization’s mission of establishing The Freedom 13 Veterans Recreational Retreat Villages nationwide.

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