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Simplify Your Life with Our Service Agreements

Service Philosophy

At Liaison, we know that standing behind the products and services we provide is even more important than the initial installation. We give our clients peace of mind, knowing they have one company to call, text or email to offer the support they need at any time. To that effect, all our systems start with a one-year Platinum Level Service Agreement. We want our clients to experience our exceptional Liaison customer service from the very beginning. However, we understand every person’s needs are unique and individual, so we offer varied options to suit everyone.

Experience the Liaison benefits

Remote repair
Your system will be accessed remotely and often repaired without even the need for a simple service call.
24/7 support coverage
We’re available to communicate with you in whichever manner fits your lifestyle and your requirements best.
App control
You’ll get a mobile app enabling you to fix many of the common issues that technology systems experience.
Discounted Service Call Rates
In the unlikely event that a service call needs to be scheduled, you’ll receive a preferred rate.

All our service agreements provide

  • Dedicated Service Number
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Same Day Response Time
  • Remote Network and Power Monitoring via OvrC®
  • Concierge Service for Outside Providers i.e. – ISP & Cable
  • Internet Connectivity Support
  • All Emergency* Service Requirements are Handled as Soon as Available
Feature Break/Fix Silver Gold Platinum Custom Plan
In addition to all Silver level services, the Gold plan includes: In addition to all Silver level services, the Platinum plan includes: Want to build your own Custom Service Plan? Call us for Pricing.
No Service Agreement You choose
Remote Phone Service At $75/hr You choose

Trip Charge At $75/visit Included You choose

Standard Service At $125/hr You choose

Non-Business Hours At $225/hr You choose

Text and Email Service 24/7
+ Phone

+ Phone
You choose

Service Discount Service discount of 5% on all on-site service labor Service discount of 10% on all on-site service labor Service discount of 15% on all on-site service labor You choose

On-Site Service and Equipment Maintenance Annually Annually You choose

Wi-fi security sweeps and Preventative IP Device Monitoring You choose
No-Charge Remote Service 24/7 You choose
No-charge system firmware updates when needed You choose
Priority Service Calls Within 3 business days Within 48 hours of call You choose
Audio and Video Calibration Every 3 Years You choose
System Wellness Checks Annually You choose
No charge system firmware updates as needed You choose
Pre-Visit Preventative System Maintenance
Service Calls (great for secondary or multiple homes)

We do this to ensure the system is working optimally for any upcoming stays (we do ask that you give us a minimum of a week’s notification of an upcoming stay.)
You choose
Product discount of 10% on all Service-Related Products You choose
Standard 1 year Labor Warranty on any NEW equipment sourced and installed by Liaison
*this does not include the Labor for replacing warranty items greater than 1 Year or items out-of-warranty.)
You choose
20% Discount on Labor for out-of-warranty items You choose

* Our Service Agreements automatically renew on an annual basis starting on the Date of the Agreement. To cancel please contact Liaison at 888.279.1235
* Emergency* is defined as a matter or situation that necessitates “immediate action to remedy harm or aver imminent danger to life, health, or property.
* Liaison offers you One Month Free on your Service Agreement Plan by paying annually upfront.
* All fees are due and payable within thirty (30) days of the billing date.

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