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State-Of-The-Art Lighting Control Systems in Nashville, TN

modern intelligent lighting control systems in nashville
Elevate the ambiance with lighting fixture installation

At Liaison Technology Group, we’re at the forefront of the industry with our cutting-edge lighting fixtures and panels in Nashville. With our state-of-the-art lighting control solutions, you have the power to tailor the ambiance of your space with unparalleled precision. Our color-matched keypads seamlessly integrate into your decor, offering functionality with an added stylish touch. Our lighting design experts collaborate closely with you to create a customized solution that matches your unique vision. Our wireless technology solutions ensure you can effortlessly control your system from anywhere.

Set the stage for any occasion with our lighting fixtures in Nashville

Elevate your home’s ambiance with our RGB-W and dimmable LED light fixtures designed to benefit your living space. Our innovative, intelligent lighting solutions are energy-efficient and allow you to fine-tune the setting to your liking, providing the perfect illumination level for any situation. Open your door to a world of possibilities, enabling you to create a home environment that reflects your unique personality and mood.

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Enhance the atmosphere of your home with smart lighting

Elevate your experience with the ability to adapt color temperature in sync with your daily routine. Our seasoned lighting experts will effortlessly integrate white LED options into your Nashville area home’s existing lighting control system, enabling circadian programming that supports your well-being. Whether you’re seeking the discreet elegance of recessed lighting or another type to transform your home’s aesthetic or ambiance, we provide diverse options to cater to various preferences.

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Why opt for our intelligent lighting control systems in Nashville

Remote repair
Our remote access feature enables you to repair and maintain your system independently.
24/7 support
With our 24/7 support, you’re never alone. Our lighting designers are just a call or message away.
App control
Simplify troubleshooting and swiftly resolve technical issues with our user-friendly mobile app.
Select service
Our customizable service plan options give you choices like priority scheduling and preferred rates for your lighting design and control system in your Nashville area home.
Light up your yard with our innovative outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures take on a new dimension when safety and security are the priorities. We offer low-voltage outdoor lighting solutions in Nashville that go beyond mere illumination. We’re committed to helping you create a well-lit environment where safety is paramount. Our systems light up pathways to prevent accidents, ensuring you can confidently move around your outdoor spaces. Furthermore, by eliminating dark areas, our lighting acts as a protective shield against potential intruders, enhancing the security of your property.


At Liaison, our Nashville lighting experts are dedicated to providing you with various advanced solutions for an elevated comfort experience. Over the years, our work has been acknowledged with numerous accolades, including the 2019 Crestron Global Home Technology Award for the Best Shading Application and the 2022 Snap One Outstanding Partner Award. In addition, we partner with the industry’s leading names like Crestron, Hunter Douglas, J. Geiger, Lutron, Control4, Savant, and more to leverage our excellence!

To ensure you receive the best possible experience, we offer a host of benefits to our valued clients; this includes around-the-clock, 24/7 support, so you can always count on us when you need assistance. In addition, we provide a complimentary one-year Platinum Level Service Agreement for all new clients, reflecting our dedication to delivering top-notch service right from the start. Our commitment extends to supporting veterans and first responders. We proudly partner with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation to provide technology solutions tailored to the unique needs of these individuals who have made great sacrifices in service to our country. In addition to this partnership, we support The Freedom 13 Organization’s mission to construct Veterans Recreational Retreat Villages nationwide. By doing so, we are honored to play a part in providing comfort and support to those who have served our nation selflessly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I control intelligent lighting systems remotely?

    Yes, smart lighting or intelligent lighting systems offer remote control capabilities. You can easily remotely adjust your Nashville home’s lighting settings, create schedules, and even monitor energy usage through dedicated apps on your smartphone or tablet.

    This remote control feature adds convenience, allowing you to manage your Nashville home’s lighting from anywhere, whether home or away. With the ability to control your system remotely, you can enhance security, reduce energy consumption, and create the perfect ambiance even when you’re not on-site.

    What are the key benefits of home automation lighting?

    Lighting home automation offers numerous benefits, including increased energy efficiency, enhanced security, and convenience. You can save energy costs by automating your home’s lighting or creating lighting schedules, dimming lights when not in use, and incorporating motion sensors.

    It can also simulate occupancy when you’re away, adding an extra layer of security. In addition, the convenience of controlling your lights with a smartphone or voice commands provides a more comfortable and intuitive living experience.

    How do intelligent lighting systems work?

    Intelligent lighting systems allow you to manage, customize, and automate the settings of your Nashville area home’s lighting system remotely.

    The software communicates with the hardware, enabling users to control brightness, color temperature, and scheduling. It often incorporates sensors and inputs to adapt lighting fixtures to changing conditions, making it user-friendly and efficient.

    What are the benefits of using lighting control?

    Lighting control offers numerous benefits, including energy savings, improved comfort, and flexibility.

    Lighting control enables you to optimize lighting based on occupancy, natural light, and time of day, reducing energy consumption and costs. Additionally, they allow for personalized scenarios, enhancing ambiance and comfort. Centralized lighting control simplifies management and provides the ability to respond to changing needs efficiently.

    What is the go-to smart lighting control company in Nashville, TN & beyond?

    Liaison Technology Group specializes in providing homes near The Parthenon or in the vicinity of Lane Motor Museum with intelligent lighting systems designs and modern lighting home automation.

    We’ve also got you covered across the US if you’re looking for:

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