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Sophisticated Home Video & Audio Solutions in Decatur, IL

expertise-based home video solutions in decatur
Take in every detail with cutting-edge audio-video equipment

As an industry leader, Liaison Technology Group is proud of its boundary-pushing vision for whole-house audio-visual systems in Decatur, IL, and beyond. Our innovative approach pays excellent heed to individual customers’ special needs and their living spaces’ unique features. We deliver a superior indoor and outdoor home video installation that maximizes your residence’s structural elements and blends seamlessly with the style of your property. Whether you want to modernize your current setup or turn your garden into a star-lit home theater, our audio-video experts are ready to bring the future into your living room.

High-end audio-video solutions at your fingertips

With almost a decade of outfitting our customers in Decatur with comprehensive indoor and outdoor home video and audio solutions, our expert installers excel in delivering fully-integrated technology that will take your viewing pleasure to the next level. We offer class-leading retractable and concealable home video systems that dovetail with the contours of your media room. Our high-lumen projectors and stunning screens will grab your attention and then disappear from view when you’ve had enough.

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Soak up the content with our ultra-high-definition displays

In today’s frantic world, we understand the value of unwinding with your loved ones. If you can’t wait to get home and relax with your family for the evening, let our audio-video professionals in Decatur help you enjoy the full splendor of the latest 8K technology from your favorite streaming provider. Become part of the action and elevate your viewing experience with our crisp flat-screen OLED, LCD, and LED TVs as part of your next home video and audio system.

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What makes our home video-audio systems in Decatur stand out?

Remote repair
With our remote repair service, your system will be monitored, and any issues solved before you even know it.
App control
Our fully-integrated system combines the latest in mobile apps and wireless connectivity to give you absolute control.
Customized service
With the ability to customize our service agreements, we allow you to include prioritized scheduling and customized rates in your service plan.
Round-the-clock availability
It’s not a joke! Contact us whenever you feel like it because we’re there for you 24/7 for whatever you need.
Experience the crystal clear picture quality of our mirror TVs

Whether you’re a true videophile, a movie buff, or a workaholic that follows the ticker all day, with our state-of-the-art audio-video equipment, you’ll never miss a beat. With a team of home audio-video installation experts that combines technical prowess with an eye for intelligent design and sumptuous aesthetic appeal, we’ll pay attention to the smallest details to match your screen with the surroundings in a refined and graceful manner and preserve the singular design of your abode in Decatur.


As a company that pays special attention to the well-being of our community, we are proud of our dedication to excellence, both in and out of the workplace. With an exemplary track record and numerous awards from key players in the industry, including the 2022 Snap One Outstanding Partner Award and 2019 Crestron Global Home Technology Award, we partner with leading names in the market, such as Savant, Crestron, Hunter Douglas, J. Geiger, Lutron, and Control4.

A couple of causes we hold dear is our commitment to doing what we can for our veterans and first responders. Through our partnership with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, we’re working hard to provide smart home technology enabling them to live their lives in the comfort of their new mortgage-free homes. In addition, we are also supporting The Freedom 13 Organization’s efforts to create The Freedom 13 Veterans Recreational Retreat Villages nationwide. We always like to hear from you directly to get a first-hand account of your thoughts. Feel free to contact us anytime; we’re here for all your Decatur home audio and video technology needs!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does audio-visual equipment include?

    If you want to outfit your home in Decatur with a sophisticated audio-video system, there are a few mandatory components that you’ll need.

    Typically, you’d want to look at televisions, screens, and projectors. Of course, you’ll need audio to go with the image, so you’ll look at speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and the necessary software that keeps the system running smoothly. Contact our audio-video professionals to tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll get started from there.

    How do I set up a media room at home?

    A fully stacked media room can turn a home into an entertainment hub in just a few easy steps.

    The best way to ensure that the whole process is done right is to contact our skilled experts in home audio-video installation to inspect your home in Decatur and take control of the entire process. Basic steps that you’ll need to take, no matter what you decide to do, include:

    • Choosing the best place inside the house
    • Drawing a media room layout
    • Making a detailed plan of the operation
    • Constructing an audio-video component rack
    • Selecting and arranging your sound system
    • Picking a display that suits your needs
    • Personalizing according to your preferences and the unique features of your home
    Can I control my audio-video equipment from my smartphone or tablet?

    Of course, modern whole-house audio-visual systems are intuitively designed and easy to control.

    With innovative wireless technology, you can control your integrated home video technology using just one practical app. With various options, from basic performance settings to scheduling and source control, you’ll easily reign supreme over every facet of your advanced setup in Decatur.

    How does a mirror TV work?

    Mirror TVs are designed to provide high performance while seamlessly fitting into your home like an elegantly designed mirror, making it one of the most modern home video solutions.

    Mirror TVs use the latest technological innovations to retain reflective function when turned off and act as high-grade TVs when you’re using them. Their high-quality mirrored glass has a darker tint that allows it to absorb the ambient light and reproduce images of the highest quality. It also makes the screen surface more reflective in the mirror mode.

    Where can I find first-rate home video solutions near me in Decatur, IL?

    If you need someone to install a cutting-edge whole-house audio-visual system, look no further than Liaison Technology Group.

    We’ll employ our wealth of experience to equip your place in Nashville with an outdoor video system, provide you with the latest audio-video equipment in Denver, or furnish you with advanced home video technology in Aspen and Basalt.

    Whether near the Transfer House or in the northern part of town, we are ready to go above and beyond to deliver an audio-video experience like you’ve never had before. Treat your family to a sunny and relaxing day at Lake Decatur while we get down to the nitty-gritty and outfit your property with a home video that will surely up the ante on your entertainment options. Contact us today!



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