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Liaison Technology Group is offering a 20% Discount to Upgrade your existing Lutron HomeWorks system to the new HomeWorks with QSX Processor

Offer Available Now until December 31, 2024

Now until December 31st, 2024, Liaison Technology Group is offering Lutron customers a 20% discount* to upgrade any generation of your existing Lutron HomeWorks system to Lutron’s new HomeWorks with QSX Processor.

Upgrade today and experience modern luxury with Lutron intelligent lighting, intuitive controls, and automated shades.

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Lutron HomeWorks systems with QSX processors support Lutron’s latest product innovations, including:

  • Intelligent Lighting Solutions
  • Retrofit Shades (Palladiom Wire-free, Triathlon)
  • Latest luxury keypads
  • PRO LED+ dimming technology
  • Modern integration (LEAP)
  • Remote servicing capabilities
  • App control

The 20% discount extends only to the following:

  • 20% off all HomeWorks hardware used to replace existing system hardware
  • 20% off Sivoia QS drives to upgrade Sivoia QED drives
  • 20% off full Sivoia QS shades to replace Sivoia QED shades
  • 20% off HomeWorks Digital lighting upgrade kits when upgrading from EcoSystem
  • 20% off Ketra lighting when upgrading from HomeWorks QS + KetraNet

    Contact Liaison Technology Group Today to learn more and take advantage of this opportunity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use this promo code on a new project, like if a homeowner has a second home?

    No, this applies only to systems being upgraded in the same home where an older Lutron system is installed.

    Can I use this promo code for upgrading competitive systems?

    No, this is only intended for upgrading existing Lutron systems currently.

    If I did not have a category in an older system (e.g. lighting or shades), do I still get a discount when adding those?

    The promo code is meant for upgrading existing gear only. Adding new equipment is encouraged, but not part of the upgrade.

    Will this apply if I want to upgrade my QS system?

    Yes, promo can be used for QS to QSX upgrades.